What to Do so You Can Enjoy the Perfect Wedding

Enjoy the Perfect Wedding

How to Choose a Celebrant For a Same-Sex Wedding

Savannah Lewis

Like any other couple, you want to find a celebrant who helps makes your wedding day extra special. Choosing the right celebrant to marry you is important.

You may need to talk to a few celebrants before you find the right one. What should you look out for?

A Connection With the Celebrant

You don't have to become best mates with your wedding celebrant, but it's important to find one you like and get along with. Your celebrant is conducting one of the most significant acts you'll make in your life. You should feel a connection with them. Therefore, you should feel comfortable with the celebrant. You should also feel that they understand what you want from your service and that they can provide it.

You may find that age plays a part in your decision. For example, some couples like to be married by older celebrants. They feel that this gives their service some added gravitas. However, you may feel more connected to a younger celebrant. If you're young yourself, then you may want your service to be led by someone who is around your own age. This may simply feel more natural to you.

Experience of Conducting Same-Sex Weddings

While you don't have to choose a celebrant who has led same-sex weddings in the past, this may be a good idea. You don't want to use a celebrant who comments on the fact that you are a same-sex couple all the time because they find it curious or unusual to lead this kind of wedding service.

Also, experienced wedding celebrants can help you enhance your ceremony. They'll have married a lot of couples before, and they may have useful ideas for the service that you haven't thought of yourselves. Tapping into these ideas could help you create the perfect ceremony.

Same Gender Celebrants

Although some people aren't bothered about the gender of the celebrant they hire, some do have a preference. For example, you may prefer to be married by a celebrant who is the same gender as you both. Some male couples prefer to have a male celebrant; some females prefer a woman.

While gender shouldn't be the only consideration you use to choose a celebrant, it may be important to you. If it is, then you target your initial search by your gender preference. For example, if you decide that you would like a young male celebrant, then talk to local celebrants in this category first. 


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