What to Do so You Can Enjoy the Perfect Wedding

Enjoy the Perfect Wedding

Important Questions to Ask When Having a Bridal Gown Custom Made

Savannah Lewis

Having a bridal gown custom made may not be as expensive as you assume, and this can mean having a dress that truly expresses your personality and that won't be worn by any other bride! If you're thinking of having a bridal gown custom made, note a few important questions to ask so you know you'll love the finished product and will be proud to wear it on your big day.

Ask if they have size limitations

Not all shops will make dresses in plus sizes, and some might not offer flower girl dresses. If you'll need a dress that will be outside a standard size range, always ask about this before going over any other details with the dressmaker.

Ask about returns

It's always good to ask about returns for a customised wedding gown; your wedding might be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, or you may simply not be happy with the finished product for a number of reasons. Each dressmaker will have their own policies about returns and refunds, so be sure you ask about this beforehand so you know how to handle a return and what you can expect when it comes to getting your money back.

Ask about eco-friendly options

A dressmaker might use reclaimed lace and other materials for their dresses to keep these out of the rubbish and to reduce the amount of virgin material that needs to be harvested and fabricated. If you're very eco-conscious, don't hesitate to ask a dressmaker what eco-friendly options they offer.

Ask about matching veils

Ask your dressmaker if they can provide a matching veil, as it may be easier to coordinate the details of a veil with the details of a dress if the two are made at the same time. It's also good to have the veil made along with the dress so you can choose a complementary length and volume to the veil. You might also ask about matching jewellery and other accessories so your entire outfit is completely coordinated.

Ask what to bring to a fitting

Your dressmaker may ask that you bring the shoes and undergarments you'll be wearing on your wedding day, as the dress will need to be fitted around these. You might also be asked to bring a picture of the bouquet you'll be holding; a very large bouquet might mean that a certain accessory on the dress should be adjusted so it's not obscured, or another feature scaled down to work well with a very small bouquet.


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